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The Making of a Princess- Princess Parties are Coming

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

I am in love with the beauty, posture, behavior and just in general how princesses are :). Such a pretty concept, and little girls love to dream about princess parties. It inspires the imagination and I wanted to create a new kind of princess party, one that is just her own self. Not a Disney Princess, one of an entirely imagined country, with the prettiest gems on her dress, the prettiest jewelry, to take you to a world of make belief similar to renaissance fairs where you are transported to that world with all the little details coming to life. I hand embellished her dress, took hours and hours to pick out her starting dress, create a custom cape, custom book cover, and amazing jewelry. My son also helped to laser cut scepters to be the creative activity at these beautiful and enchanted parties. I am hoping to add a fairy and a mermaid party as well soon, I will keep you posted :).



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