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Glitter Tattoos

Glitter tattoos can be another alternative on hot summer days, they last quite a long time, like 3-6 days if not rubbed excessively.  My kids usually wear them down in a few of days, but on me they last 4+ days.  They are also waterproof, so won't come off in a pool or under the shower. I love to create custom glitter tattoos instead of the stencils, but for larger events I will come with stencils :). 


For larger events I can also have a glitter tattoo artist and I will face paint. This way we can make more kids happy, please contact me for a price to book both of us.


They can also be combined nicely with waterproof paints for sports events, pool parties, fun runs or other events where you don't want face paints dripping off with sweat :).   Glitter tattoo removal is the same as waterproof face paint removal :).  

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