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Baby Bump Painting

Celebrate your little one by getting your belly painted and photographed.  This is a unique and fun way to create special memories! You can have your belly painted as part of your baby shower, or make it a special event in itself.   Treasure the photos of your belly painting day for years to come. They make such a fun addition to your baby book!  


Most designs take around an hour or two the most, but it depends on your vision of course for the design. You can either come to my home in Sun Prairie, WI  (friends, family, and photographers are welcome to come along!), or I can come to your home or baby shower! Your baby bump painting session includes a little photo shoot done by myself, and I will send you digital copies. I am definitely not a professional photographer, but I have taken all the pictures on these pages, so hopefully it will give you a good idea :).  Some moms like to hire a photographer to come along as well, they definitely do a better job :).  

The starting price for this is $180 for an hour.   (I have to do additional design before painting and arrange with you details, and practice how it will look.  Travel expense also applies if travel is farther then 30 min roundtrip from Sun Prairie, WI).  

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