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Please contact me with your event details, including date, time, party address and approximate number of attendees and I will provide a rate for you. 

Face Painting:          $120 an hour, for events more then 30 people: $135

Balloon Twisting:   $75 an hour, for events more then 30 people $95

                                       (he cannot be booked on his own at this time)


Travel expenses:    -30 minutes round trip is included with a booking, after that $120 hourly rate 

                                      (or 15 minutes one way, that is approximately 10 miles radius from Sun Prairie, WI)

                                      -example if you live 30 minutes away, then total travel would be 60 minutes, so the travel expense is for                                            30 minutes, which would be $60

                                       -no extra travel expenses for a balloon twister as he travels together with me


Princess Party:  Introductory Offer until May 1st !  Book her for an hour party for only $100.  

                                 (within 15 minutes of Sun Prairie, WI, if booked further, then travel fee applies)

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