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Frequently Asked Questions

How many faces can you paint in an hour?

For birthday parties it is about 8-12 faces an hour, really depending on the designs.  I do like to paint with more detail and slightly slower at these events to create the most beautiful designs.  At larger events, with preplanned designs that make it faster, I can do 15-25 faces an hour.  In these cases design choices and intricacy is limited to make sure the most patrons can be painted. (please keep in mind that sometimes it takes longer for a child to pick out colors, or even just sit down in the chair, than painting.  So it adds a lot of time that seems small at first but adds up :) ).  

What are your rates?

Rates vary for face painting from $120-$150 an hour depending on your event or even the day of the week.  So please contact me with details of your event, so I can give you an exact quote.  For balloon twisting it is a wider range, from $75-150 an hour, for a smaller party, it is a lower rate, also he will be happy to come along at a lower rate if I can't get him home between events :).  At the moment we also have a couple of new balloon twisters training, their rate is lower as they get enough practice to do more elaborate pieces.   Their rate is between $75-95 an hour (I know it might sounds like a lot, but sadly balloons are more expensive then you would think... you also have to consider that they do have prep time, and travel time as well).   

How far will you travel?

My hourly rate does include 30 minutes of roundtrip travel at no extra cost from Sun Prairie, WI.  For events farther then that, I will include a travel charge at my hourly rate.  For example if you live 30 minutes away, that charge will be $60-75.  My rates vary a little bit depending on events.  There will be no extra travel charge for the balloon twister as he travels with me. That means a better rate for your event if you hire both of us :). 

When can we expect you?

We will arrive approximately 15 minutes early to set up, for larger events it will be 30 minutes early in case tent needs to be set up.  Face Painting takes longer to set up, Balloon Twister can be ready to twist in 5 minutes.  

Do I need to provide anything?

We will bring our own table, chair, signs and supplies.  Just provide some open space with good lighting :) and we will take care of everything.  

Will you paint anything?

I love to paint pretty and make kids beautiful, to feel great, have fun and enjoy their day and play.  I will not paint anything from horror movies or something that would scare other little kids.  Around Halloween, I do love to paint Pumpkins, spiders, pretty witch designs, ghosts and Day of the Dead faces :).  I will also not paint anything derogatory or bad words. 

Do I need to pay a deposit?

I am working out a way to process deposits, but at the moment I do not take a deposits yet.  So far everyone have been more then fair and very considerate about changing times and letting me know that something changed.  I am sure this will change soon, I will keep you up to date.  

Do I need to fill out a contract? 

I like to arrange all the details in email to have a record of time, date, and other important details. I do not require a contract, unless your company needs one.  You can find that under the Contract Tab.  

How do you accept payment?

I can accept Cash, Check or Venmo payments or credit card as well.  If your company requires, I can provide you with an invoice.  I don't always set up an invoice, so if you would like one, please let me know.   

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