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Birthday Party Designs

For Birthday Parties or other parties where I have some extra time, I love to bring our most detailed designs.   You can also ask for a custom designs or theme for your party as well.  You can also give me an image to try.  Sometimes I will still say no to certain designs.  I don't like to paint anything gory, scary, or logos can also take too long to do.  So please be aware of this :).  Birthday parties designs take about 5-7 minutes, so approximately 8-12 kids in an hour. I will still also offer all the Fastest Designs as well. 


If you have a smaller party (that would be under 1 hour), you can add a face paint class to make it longer.  Sadly preparation for your party takes the longest.  Pack up, drive, unpack, then pack up again, drive, unpack, clean brushes... so a lot of time goes on behind the scenes, why it is very difficult to do just an hour party.  I really appreciate your understanding.  

These are designs from events where we have more time to paint :). 

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