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I live in Sun Prairie, WI, I am a full-time stay at home mom, part-time CrossFit coach, part-time face painter with 3 kids  :).  I love to paint, draw, doodle, sew... :).   I have been doing face painting parties for friends for a few years now, and realized how much I love the amazing, radiant smiles when they look in the mirror, so I hope to do it more and create even more radiant smiles :).

Face Painting is the quickest way to add fun to your party or event whether you have a small birthday party or a dance party, company picnic... It is perfect for private parties or large corporate events. Whether you are young or young at heart.

All of my face paints and glitters have FDA approved ingredients and some brands are even approved by the EEC, they are professional quality, and cosmetic grade. I will bring my own table and chair for a hassle-free setup.  Simply provide a little open space and I will take care of the rest!        

New Additions :)

My sons took up balloon twisting and now they are part of this little company :).   I really always did it for the kids, so this is like a dream. They also get to make kids' days :).   A couple of neighbor kids also joined us, so now we have 4 balloon twisters and also training a face painter as well.  So excited for them as it is definitely a rewarding job :).  So so happy to be working with them, and I hope they will also make your parties. 

Registered under: Radiant Smiles Face Painting LLC, and insured.

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