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Aurelian Art

I love to try other media and experiment.  My favorites are alcohol inks and swirls, I love love scrolls and swirls. 


I always loved drawing them with pencils, but growing up in Hungary during communism, we were not provided with brushes and paint.  So it has been only within the last few years that I discovered how much I loved painting.  My beloved scrolls and swirls flow and I love them even more :).  Alcohol inks are mesmerizing, magical, and almost impossible to control.  Then I love to add my favorite swirls.  From the unplanned and unpredictable grows something magical and pretty. 


I would be so happy to paint you something special. You can find more examples of my work on my other site: Aurelian Art.  I also have separate Facebook and Instagram accounts for my artwork :).

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