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Waterproof paints

Water and sweat proof paints work really well for pool parties, during hot summer days, or for sport events.  Faces can be painted before a football or baseball game without worrying about the paint being wiped off during the game.  Planning a fun run, walk or ride?  I can paint something special on your arm and it will stay put for the event.  These paints are a little harder to work with and take a little longer to apply, so plan for time and rates knowing that.  Unlike regular face paints, they won't rub off on clothing, pillows, etc., and will last for a few days.

They are amazing for swim meets, I have also painted them for the CrossFit Games, or other sports events.  

The brand I use is Body Color Cosmetics. Here are their detailed instructions for body paint removal:

Once you are ready to take the body paint off, you can use Coconut Oil, mineral Oil, Baby oil, Some makeup removers,99% Rubbing Alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) or the mixing liquid. for Coconut oil, mineral oil and baby oil, Rub in Skin until you see paint move placement, If you warm the oils up first, it is a bit easier for the paint to wear away, then allow time for the oils to set on the skin for a few minutes, then with slight abrasion wipe away. For some Makeup Removers and Mixing liquid you can apply directly to the skin to allow instantaneous removal of paint. Once most of the paint is wiped away, you can then add soap on skin and then water and bathe as usual. The longer the paint is worn, the easier it is to come off when you are ready.

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