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Balloon Twisting

Balloon Twisting is a very fun to add to any event, kids love it and it is fun to watch for entertainment.  I am so happy that my son took up this fun entertainment when he was only 12 years old and we can go together to any event.   He loves to do these amazing creatures for little kids.  He is now 14 years old, with over 2 years of practice, and more importantly lots of smiling kids. 

Professional Balloon Twister: Seldon

Seldon has over 2 years experience with very large events under his belt, but he is also able to twist more detailed items.  He has twisted at a Harley Davidson Event in Milwaukee at the House of Harley :).  Check out the silver motorcycle design he learned for this event.   He also created a very cute balloon princess for a little girl's birthday party and twisted very nice flower bouquets for friends and relatives.  These would be a great idea for someone who might be allergic to real flowers :).   

Apprentice twisters:  Corvin, Kate

Corvin and Kate are available as apprentice balloon twisters, who are trained to handle larger events.  Apprentice twisters will come at a lower rate (please message me for their rates), will be able to twist about 10-16 of the fastest designs.  They are a great choice for a larger events where speed is essential to handle more patrons. They are learning more designs every day, to be able to become professional twisters.  

Message me to book your next party and let us entertain your guests.  

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