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Summer = Pool Parties, Swim Meets... -All About Waterproof Face Paints :)

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

I love love that waterproof face paints are an option. If they had all the colors that the others do, I might want to use them at every event, they are just that amazing. I love them, but I love them even more when it is time for a swim meet, a sports event or the CrossFit Games :).

At one swim meet my son had Ironman's chest painted on him, when he took his shirt off the little kids just gasped and stared... it is still my best memory ever for waterproof face paints.

I love to paint, so I choose Body Color Cosmetics, these paints are used very similarly to regular face paints, but not water activated. (for summer you can also use temporary tattoos, but they are sprayed on, and I find it more rewarding to paint :) ).

Enjoy the gallery of summer fun that this paint helped me create :).


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