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Peony Love for a Tiny Little Love

I am not sure how many of you always had the dream to create the perfect nursery, like the one in the magazines and catalogs, but you just never got to finish it so perfectly. Well I am definitely one of those, just keep looking at the perfect rooms :). But I have a friend who accomplished this amazing feat and I love love the results. I am so thankful that she trusted me to paint these beautiful flowers for her little one. I had to scale up my painting to use a rather large brush in the process, but it worked really nicely. Here is the final results.

Her nursery is decorated in white and pink with three huge peonies on the wall created such a serene and cozy atmosphere for her little one. The white walls were perfect for a clean and fresh backdrop, while the soft pink accents added a touch of warmth and sweetness to the room. She did a great job.

The three huge peonies on the wall were the stunning focal point that I got to create :). They draw the eye and add a burst of color to the space. Their large, lush petals create a sense of depth and texture, bringing the room to life. They look so much better in person, the pictures don't do this justice.

She kept the furnishings in the room simple and understated, allowing the floral accent wall to take center stage. A white crib with a soft white fitted sheet would blend seamlessly with the color scheme. To complete the look, she added some pink and white accessories. It is such a happy place! I want that room :). She can decorate my home any time. Thank you so so much for being able to be a part of this!


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