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Monique Lily Inspiration

I have taken a few face paint classes by now and I still marvel at all amazing online opportunities that are out there to learn from, to soak up inspiration and knowledge from. I am also inspired every day by other world class body and face painters, but I should really call them artists, who just take this art form to other levels around the world. One class I recently took online was Monique Lily's Pretty Scary Faces. I don't like to paint very scary faces, so this was a nice balance. I can do this but in case you are thinking of getting something super scary, I can recommend other amazing local artist though :).

Monique's paintings are just so lovely and artistic, I had to take the class :). I hope you will enjoy these pictures and please look her up if you have the time, I would love to have a few more models to paint with her inspiration in mind :).


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