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Waunakee Wings Mural

This was such a special project, and I am so happy that I was able to be a part. Michelle Kullman created this project to bring awareness to those lost too soon. Sadly she lost her son as well too early which drove her to bring this project to life together with the Village of Waunakee. I first saw a call to artists to be part of the project on Instagram from Imaginary Teashop (also in Waunakee). They asked for designs for the project and I submitted several different options. Sadly as it turned out the contract was already signed for completion of the mural, but Michelle loved my designs. So I got to be the designer of the mural, but didn't get to paint it (well I did get to paint some of it :). ). As the project progressed, I was worried that as my design was enlarged some of the lines would not be perfect. I was allowed to repaint the lines to make them as perfect as I wanted them and added a few to fill in the mural where I thought would be needed for the best aesthetics and balance. I love how it turned out, I just wish I could have painted the entire thing... Even this way I am very thankful to have been able to be part of this project.

The Mural Reveal party was so lovely and moving. I got to face paint and my son twisted balloons for the event, there was live band, and so many people who were either touched by the project, or wanted to be a part of this beautiful way to remember those lost too soon.

If you are in Waunakee, you can look at it on the side of the Wanabike Shop at the corner of Fish and Main St.


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