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It's the Most WineStyles Time of the Year

Such a lovely project for Christmas :). I was so happy that the owners of WineStyles of Sun Prairie wanted something showy and unique for the Holidays. They were so nice that they just gave me an entirely free choice of what I would like to paint :). So so fun... My favorite part was all the people who stopped by during the day to say how much they loved it! I also love to hear that, but it is so nice when people don't just walk by, but take a little time out to say something. I so so appreciate it if you did that! I learned a lot along the way and can't wait to take some more of these on. Painting snowman and candy canes just makes you sing Christmas songs all day long :). I really think it made their shop stand out for the Holidays, and there is even a Christmas tree shop right next to them.

Thank you so much for the opportunity, I hope many people will stop by and have a glass of wine. If you have never been to Winestyles, check them out at the Shoppes at Prairie Lakes. They have wine tasting events, chocolates, beer and so much more :).


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