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Spider in the Pool

My kids love to swim in the summer, we are a Sun Prairie Pirahnas family and I am so happy to see them in the pool, enjoying the sun and getting exercise, but swim meets can be a little bit of a drag. Sun Prairie Pirahnas coaches are always so creative coming up with different themes for each event, so I thought I would add to these with waterproof paints. These do take a little longer to paint, but stand up to the water amazingly.

Once my son showed up with a realistic IronMan painting on his chest and the little 8 year olds jaw dropped. It was so much fun to see :). I will probably never forget their amazement and they probably won't forget it either. Another time I painted a very realistic spider, and it was just so neat to see it pop out of the water on the butterfly stroke.

I also enjoyed painting for a couple of friends a kettlebell with the American Flag inside, for the CrossFit Games here in Madison, WI. It is so nice to have something that looks like a very tattoo. I myself went to the games with a full arm painted with roses. As a CrossFit coach myself, it is an amazing event, I especially enjoy seeing what the Teens and the Masters are able to do, so inspiring.

This is why I do it again and again, the smiles, the wonder :). Let me know if I can paint something special for a fun run, or special sports event for you, and until then, enjoy some summer swim team pictures and other pool party pictures :).


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