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Small Party? -Add a Face Paint Class :)

Lately I had quite a few people sad that a small party that is about an hour, not really worth the time. You have to consider that we do have to pack up, drive, unpack, paint... then pack up again, drive, clean up brushes... so our time spent with you is really a small part :). I love what I do and I really wish it was more worth it to come for just one hour... Here is when a returning customer of mine had a great idea...

She only had 6 kids for her party, but her daughter really wanted me to come, so she thought what if I could teach them a little face painting and then it would be worth it for me to come. It worked out so well that I thought maybe someone else would love this option :).

We had 6 girls, they each wanted something very unique and new, then we learned how to use a sponge, do double dipped flowers, how to treat the brushes... it worked out to exactly 2 hours. I think it was amazing, I love to teach them, because I feel it is so empowering to them to be able to do something, to experiment on their own, to learn... Just such a happiness to watch, I think I like that even more then their smiles when they look in the mirror :).

I hope some of you have some kids at home who is a budding artist, or just wants to learn something new... I am happy to come and create for them and with them!


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