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Kiss Rock Band Themed Concert

I had so much fun with the Gary Beal Band- You can find them under: Dairy Aire Moosic (608)-852-3670 if you would like to hire them for a local event. They came up with an idea to be painted as the Kiss Rock Band for a special evening playing at the Essen House in Madison, WI. I really wanted to take on the challenge as I watched videos of how the original paint was done in over an hour a half for for just one face. You can find this video on Youtube as Gene Simmons gives a Make Up tutorial to Cosmopolitan and paints his daughter. As I watched, I marvelled at how far face paints have come. I was able to use waterproof face paints for them so they wouldn't sweat it off under the hot lights and each face only took about 20 minutes. I think we laughed the whole way, as everyone. in the band embraced the fun :). I am so happy they invited me to be a part of this, thankful for the opportunity to add to their performance, and hopefully a memory to cherish :).


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