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Forest Fairy is Finally Ready :)

Fairies are such lovely creatures and even as adults there is something magical about them, the beauty, the innocence, the lightness :)... well whatever it is, I sure love them. I hope you will also love the one I created to make little ones's parties even more magical...

I will be honest this took me way longer then I expected to make it happen :). I used to sew all the time little doll clothes, my very first Etsy shop was for wool doll clothes :). This costume has been in the making since January, the wings really delayed me, as I was hoping to make them myself, but then realized halfway through that it would be just too much at the moment, and some Etsy shops sell such pretty wings already, so I opted for that. I still want to create a wing one day though, just because I think it would be even more elaborate and delicately decorated :).

You might also find her Balloon Twisting at some of our events :)


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