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Foremost CrossFit Mural

I feel so happy that friends trust me to add to their workout spaces. It just makes it so much more special, creates a certain feel for the place, it is uplifting, the words are inspiring, and send a message of what is important when you come into that space. I really loved this mural because all the gears come together to turn into Foremost, and all the gears represent different values. Faith, Humility, Fortitude, Foremost, which is such a great representation of the owner's values and attitude towards fitness and life in general.

The mural depicts a grand machinery of interlocking gears, each one larger than the last, stretching high and the final one interlocking into the word: Foremost. At the center of the mural, a massive gear bears the word "Faith," its teeth interlocked with smaller gears bearing the words "Humility," and "Fortitude,". The smaller gears seem almost insignificant in comparison to the great gear of Faith, yet they work in perfect harmony, driving the machinery forward with purpose and precision.

As you look at the mural, you can almost feel the weight of the gears turning and the power they represent. The message of the mural is clear: that Faith is the driving force behind all that is great and powerful, but it is only through Humility, Fortitude, and putting what is Foremost that we can truly harness that power and make a lasting impact in the world.

Thank you so much James and Katie Eisele for the opportunity. Please drop in to this amazing box if you are in Madison, WI. And thank you for my son, and my daughter for helping to draw up gears and fill in certain areas :). My son also helped to create tiny nuts with a laser cutter to make it look like the letters are affixed to the wall with nuts and bolts. It gives a real 3-dimensional effect to this mural.


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