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CrossFit Connex Mural

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

The owners of CrossFit Foremost (James and Katie Eisele), had an amazing opportunity to add CrossFit Connex as an additional gym. They replaced walls, new equipment, a lot of work went into recreating this space to be ready for the 2023 CrossFit Games in August. I am so happy that they trusted me to create a mural for this enormous space. I know it is silly but when you love to paint big, a huge wall is quite an inspiration :). So I was really happy to take on this project and make their space memorable for all the the athletes who will be coming here from all over the World.

The mural has a Madison Skyline, with silhouettes of athletes working out as part of the skyline. They represent the CrossFit community and also that you can do these workout anywhere, even body weight exercises will make you better, do it anywhere :). Squats, push-ups, dips on benches, jumps... run, bike, swim, they are all part of CrossFit.

My favorite part of the mural is the reflective silver paint in the letters, it gives the mural a sense of movement.

My other favorite is the little silhouettes of people working out, I would love to see more people freely working out at parks, or other public spaces, and not just running or biking :). You can maybe do some pull ups when you take your kids to the park, or a few dips on the benches.... :). I would love if you tag me when people do that :).

Lastly my favorite part is somewhat of an Easter Egg, you have to see the mural close up to be able to see this.. We used some engineering notations on the CrossFit letters and hid CrossFit workout numbers like 3,6,15, 21... :). Just for fun.

I signed this mural with my son's name as well, Seldon was a huge part of this mural. He helped every step of the way, he is very exact in creating all the lettering just right, we make a great team, not just for murals but he also balloon twists with me when I face paint. He also helped a lot with our Foremost Mural if you would like to check out the details for that mural :).

I also have to thank for some professional pictures by Romaric Setodji:

He will also be the official photographer for some of the Teen and Masters CrossFit Games Athletes :). Please reach out to him, he is open to any sorts of photography and is looking forward to creating with you, just like I am :). I am very thankful that he took the time to take pictures.

If you are in Madison for the CrossFit Games 2023, drop in at CrossFit Connex ( I will update it with their website when it gets transferred to them :).

I would love to see where you are from around the World. If you would like to tag me @art.aurelian on IG, or @crossfitconnex, it would really make my day.


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