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Awaken the Dragon: Painting a Statue with Personality

I am so happy to have friends who look out for me and think about what I might like to do :). One of these friends sent me the application for the Deforest Nordic Dragon Fest Art Initiative. They were looking for artists to paint dragons for their public spaces to be displayed. I was so happy to participate, I knew right away my intricate designs would be great on a dragon. I also knew right away that I wanted to make it pretty, a pleasure to look at. But I had to wait a little bit for the fiberglass statue to arrive to figure out exactly how I wanted it :).

I am still amused at the time when it arrived and when it left. Imagine a truck pulling up to your front porch with a huge white dragon :). It was so large, it had to be painted my front porch :). One morning when I was painting behind it, I heard some ladies wondering what that was on that porch, a mermaid? a dog? it was so amusing. My neighbors probably wondered what was up with the odd blue thing on my front porch, and if it was going to stay :).

How it turned out:

I wanted a beautiful and tranquil dragon that reflected my artwork and my style, so it had to be blue :). The dragon's skin is a light shade of blue, with subtle variations and lots of gold to create an effect of real scales. I also knew that the eyes were going to be the most important detail. So I researched it for a long time what kind of eyes I wanted. The dragon's eyes are particularly cute and striking, with a mesmerizing combination of colors that seem to glow from within.

The other element I wanted to be impressive on this dragon statue is the intricate designs on its back. The patterns are delicate and intricate, with a level of detail that is actually breathtaking because I think sometimes I actually forget to breath when I paint, I focus so closely on the details :).

We named her Aqua Aurelia, she is cute and beautiful with captivating pretty eyes that are full of tiny details.

Here are some pictures from this fun process, and I am so happy that I was able to be a part of it. Can't wait to see them on display this summer. Stop by Deforest to find all 10 of the dragons. I will also be face painting dragons for a couple of events :).

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