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Liv's Drink Emporium's Fresh and Fun New Mural

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

This mural was so much fun to design and paint. I loved that all Angie Stroud (the owner of Liv's Drink Emporium :) ) had in mind originally was the quote, we brainstormed with her and my son to come up with the rest of the details. She has these cute Kawaii characters on other pictures as well and they just create such a fun atmosphere, where you just would like to sit and have a custom soda or a coffee and maybe add ice cream or grilled cheese sandwich :). The mural is set up so you can take a picture drinking out of the straw :). A little happy banana is floating happily with a popsicle, a slice of watermelon enjoys a ride on a unicorn float and there is also a cute strawberry practicing diving :).

I hope this mural will bring a smile to your face, and make you appreciate the time you can spend with loved ones.

If you are In Sun Prairie, WI, come in and visit Liv's Drink Emporium :)


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