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Dance Performers Body Painting

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

I had the privilege of painting 3 beautiful dance performers at the Fete de Marquette from Elev8ed Movement (IG: @Elev8ed Movement). For shuffle dance classes, yoga, other dance performance appearances please look them up at

They performed for Powder and DJ Bone at Musique Electronics's Moon Stage at the Fete de Marquette In Madison. Well that is certainly hard to say, but instead of words, I just want to give you their beautiful pictures. I keep saying that I am certainly better with the brush then words :). They were so full of energy, happiness, they just beamed.

I also loved how they asked me to try to channel their energy when I paint, and come up with something for each of them... I love to feel a connection with everyone I paint, somehow there is a sort of feeling about a person, and looking for that is so rewarding. What came out was Phoenix, Fire Flower (this was easiest because I enhanced her already picked tattoo, so it was her who picked the original), and finally Feather Light. I loved maybe this one the most, but it would be hard to pick a favorite. I also loved how they matched, but also didn't, there is something powerful about that to me that we are all somewhat similar and yet so different in the smallest ways... :)

Well I hope to do more of these, and be able to enhance their performances, or some other performers :)


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