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CrossFit Vultus Mural -at the Prairie Athletic Club

This was my very first mural for a public space, and to be honest I didn't think I would have more of them. I am so honored that the Prairie Athletic Club's owners asked me to paint this. I coached CrossFit Kids for many years at CrossFit Vultus, and I feel like it is one of the most empowering thing a person can do. To encourage little ones to try new things, to have fun while exercising, and just to see them succeed and light up with happiness when they succeed. I think this mural was in my heart a part of this feeling, this empowerment that comes from exercise. It also emphasizes the different aspects of fitness, and serves as reminder, that a well rounded athlete should be aiming to get better at each and every one of these.

When I envisioned this Mural, I knew how it will look, the space just created the symmetry, and I had to go with it. The CrossFit Vultus mural was painted on a black background and it really turned out to take center stage as you enter the box. It features a large V at the center for Vultus with lightning-like intricate waves emanating from it. The words "strength, flexibility, stamina, power, coordination, agility, stamina, speed, cardiovascular" are prominently displayed around the V, representing the core elements of CrossFit training. Each of these words is essential to achieving peak fitness and performance, and they serve as a reminder to athletes of all the different areas they need to focus on to achieve their goals.

The lightning-like waves that radiate out from the V also symbolize the energy and power that CrossFit athletes bring to their workouts. They also represent all the different people that come together as a community at each and every CrossFit Box and in this case they join together in CrossFit Vultus. So thankful for everyone I ever met at Vultus and the Prairie Athletic Club.

Thank you for the opportunity to add this space!


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